Our Nutritious & Delicious Menu

Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Nut Allergy or Lactose Intolerant?

We left the guesswork out of our menu. We made it easy for you to know exactly what’s inside each dish. Enjoy!

Nuts Icon Icon = Nuts

Spicy Icon = Spicy

Vegan Icon = Vegan

Vegetarian Icon = Vegetarian

Gluten Free Icon Icon = Gluten Free

Dairy Icon = Dairy

(Served with 2 mini Pita Breads)

Chard Baba ghanoush Vegan Icon Gluten Free Icon Icon

flamed eggplant mixed with tahini and roasted red pepper

Hummus Vegan Icon Gluten Free Icon Icon

the famous chickpeas dish with the Egyptian twist

Egyptian Tzatziki Vegetarian Icon Gluten Free Icon Icon

delicious yogurt base mixed with cucumber, mint and inhouse spices

Pickled Eggplant Vegan Icon Gluten Free Icon Icon

eggplant pickled with garlic, jalapeno, lime and vinegar

Salata Baladi Vegan Icon Gluten Free Icon Icon

Oriental Egyptian Salad with cucumber, tomatoes, cilantro and carrots

Arugula Salad Vegetarian Icon  Nuts Icon Icon Gluten Free Icon Icon

fresh mix greens with feta or Egyptian feta, radish, walnut and pomegranate dressing

Salad Bar (Mix your own salad)

Sweet Potatoe Fries Vegan Icon Gluten Free Icon Icon

fried sweet potatoes with our own delicious spices

Egyptian Fries Vegan Icon  Gluten Free Icon Icon Nuts Icon Icon

french fries spiced with Egyptian doqqa

Lentil Soup Vegan Icon

Orzo Mixed Vegetables Vegan Icon

seasonal vegetables mixed with orzo pasta

Koshari Vegan Icon

rice, lentils, elbow pasta, chickpeas, tomato sauce, and caramelized onions

Ful Mudammas Vegan Icon

slow cooked fava beans served in pita bread + your choice of:

– Olive oil + lime, tahini, cumin and salata baladi

– Flaxseed oil + lime, cumin, arugula and parsley

Taamia Vegan Icon

Egyptian falafel; served in pita bread

split fava beans + herb mix +

tahini, onions, salata baladi, arugula

Cauliflower Shawarma Vegan Icon

crispy cauliflower tossed in shawarma spices served in pita bread + labna dressing, salata baladi, arugula

Egy Bak Vegan Icon Nuts Icon Icon

baklava Egyptian way (filled with dried fruits or nuts)

Konafa Cups Vegan Icon

shredded konafa dough stuffed with coconut pudding drizzled with sugarcane syrup

Dried Apricot Mahlabeya Vegan Icon  Gluten Free Icon Icon

dried apricot pudding on top of coconut pudding

Halawa Brownies Vegan Icon

a combination of tahini, halva and chocolate served with ice cream… YOU MUST TRY IT!

Beleela Dairy Icon

whole wheat berries with your own choice of milk (soy – coconut – traditional)

Hummus Elsham Vegan Icon

slowly cooked chickpeas, served in its own unique tomato juice and spices


Moracon type black tea with fresh mint


our version of Turkish coffee


refreshing hibiscus extract

Lemon Na’na

Egyptian minty lemonade

Medjool Smoothie

dates, lime, banana, and soy milk

Tahini Shake Dairy Icon

you own choice of  milk (soy – coconut – traditional) or yogurt + medjool dates, cinnamon, chia seeds, tahini paste and shredded coconut

Ice Tea

Yelp 5 Star Rating

“Such an amazing restaurant!!!!”

Elizabeth B., Via Yelp

Yelp 4 Star Rating

“Such a cute restaurant! There are vegan and vegetarian options! ”

Ricamae L., Via Yelp

Yelp 5 Star Rating

“I am absolutely in love with POTs!”

Ashley W., Via Yelp

Yelp 5 Star Rating

“My boyfriend picked up some food to go and he was amazed by the friendly staff and inviting environment.”

Jody M., Via Yelp

Yelp 5 Star Rating

“My first time trying Pots today since I’ve been wanting as soon as it opened & it did not disappoint me in the slightest. ”

Caleigh O., Via Yelp

Yelp 5 Star Rating

“My coworker and I just could not stop eating. I’m definitely going to be coming here more often, and let me mention how nice the owner is”

Diana O., Via Yelp

Yelp 5 Star Rating

“Exceptionally good food!
Honestly, this is the most excited I’ve been by a new restaurant in a long time.

Jay A., Via Yelp

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